Òptica Elisabet

Visual ergonomics and vision at work

The visual ergonomic is a very effective tool in preventing visual problems through environmental and postural advice. This science is aimed at those who continually work as students, computer scientists, designers, administrators …


  • Has to be uniform
  • We need ambient light of 250 lx. The ambient light stimulates change in focus distance vision to near vision or vice versa and helps keep stimulating peripheral vision.
  • We need a working light of 500 lx. Light work should be placed on the left side for right-handed and right to left to avoid shadows.

Distance to work:

  • Distance Harem: Between the eyes and the table must have a minimum distance between the elbow resting on the table to handle the hand under the chin (30-40 cm).
  • The distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be approximately 50 cm. (it is important that the computer screen there are no reflections and is parallel to the plane of the eye)


  • The back should touch the back of the chair, feet should touch the ground and your legs should be at a right angle.
  • It is interesting that the desk is inclined approximately 20 º.
  • Visuo-postural reflexes:  very frequently in students when they do an examination, or when they study they have trend to approach excessively the paper. MUST BE AVOIDED!


  • Trying to rest the view for a couple of minutes have been using for 30 minutes near vision. It is advisable to look through a window and change the approach.

Recommendations for computer users  

  • Adjust the screen to your visual comfortable working distance.
  • The view down is more comfortable than the front. Try to place the monitor between 15 and 20 degrees below your eyes.
  • Make sure you use the appropriate optical graduation normal working distance of the monitor.
  • Due to the need for greater attention to the computer decreases the frequency of blinking so it can have the feeling of dry eye. This problem becomes more acute if you are a user of contact lenses.
  • Avoid reflections and glare on the screen light sources coming.
  • The periodic control is very important provided that many symptoms are sufficiently subtle enough to go unnoticed and yet affect performance and personal comfort.