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What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia, which literally means “old eye” is an age-related eye condition that makes it difficult to see things up close.

When you are young, the lens of the eye is soft and flexible. This changes its shape easily, which allows you to focus on objects near and far. After age 40, the lens becomes more rigid.

Because the lens can’t change shape as easily as before, activities such as reading or seeing things at close range is more difficult. This normal condition is called presbyopia.

Unlike other refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, presbyopia is caused by an age-related process that causes that the lens of the eye loses its flexibility.

Some signs and symptoms of presbyopia include eyestrain, headaches or feel tired when performing an activity that requires a closer look. One of the most obvious signs of presbyopia is the need to hold reading materials at a distance in order to focus them correctly.

Are near- preassembled glasses recommended?

They are not recommended. The uncontrolled use of the specialist may be harmful to vision because they do not consider the presence of other disorders such as astigmatism, the difference in ranking between the two eyes or binocular vision problems, among others.

Apart from that the optical center is standardized regardless of the physiological characteristics of each user, and in many cases, the optical quality of the lens is poor.